Twitter, With Lists, Now More Like Facebook

Posted on October 29, 2009

Just played around with the new Twitter Lists. Some notes….

-You can follow people on lists but not actually follow them. I’ve stopped following celebs and companies and just added them to lists. I don’t need their tweets coming in the main stream, but I’ll now check them out via secondary streams every once and a while. These are now essentially Facebook “fan pages” for me.

-My “followers” list is now looking more like my Facebook friends list more than ever.

-Nearly all of my lists are private. I think most people will just keep them public, but I’m feeling more comfortable with them private for now. I have however created a Clown list (my college ultimate team) and a a RoboCup list (my other collegiate team) for public record. Essentially, it’s like a private Facebook group page with less meta data + the stream (Facebook could easily add the news feed to groups as well).

-Leonard Speiser had a good point that these new lists would be a perfect for a My Yahoo! / NetVibes / iGoogle type layout.

Overall, a very big change in the way the service works for me (I think, I might just never check the lists). Really looking forward to seeing the Geo/Retweet stuff next.


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